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First update of the Ygnacio Valley High School Alumni's community. (For short YVHSA). Upcoming events:
Graduation: SATURDAY!!! June 12th. :D. Be there.
Grad-night: Same day, expecting a great night. :D

Besides that, its over! For me at least. But has anyone else noticed that all the good teachers are leaving? We cant even go back and visit, they are all moving out of state. =(. Pity I tell you.
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what teachers left?
Wow, there was activity (in this community)! And a lot of teachers left last year including, but not limited to:
Ms. Hair
Mr. Dressel
Mr. Marsico
Ms. Denisi
and Ms. Cunningham.

Excuse any wrong spellings of their names, I didn't have all of them so I'm not sure, but these are the ones I know of. Ms. Hair was my favorite. Are you a graduate?
hmmm.. what year did you graduate? Those teachers don't sound familiar to me at all.. I'm c/o 2000
Well that would explain some of it, I graduated just this last year, 2004. But I think Dressel and Hair were both there for a while...both were math teachers if that rings any bells.
dressel sounds familiar, but not hair.. what are you doing now?
I'm attending UCSC, and I love it there. How about you?
i'm at florida state university. i'm about to move to south carolina to pursue nursing this summer.